Why Join the Coalition?


A number of governments and consensus organizations have long advocated the 85-dBA average exposure limit for an 8-hour day measured with a 3-dB exchange rate, which means that whenever the exposure time is halved, the permissible limit may be raised 3 dB. For example, an exposure of 88 dBA for 4 hours would be equivalent to the same 8-hour exposure at 85 dBA. Most countries around the world require these evidence-based exposure limits, as well as certain U.S. companies committed to employing best practices to protect the hearing of their workers beyond simple regulatory compliance. You will be expected to publish a link on your website and communicate information via e-news informing members or users about the new campaign and its progress; encourage employers, companies, or agencies to become listed as 85-3 practitioners (or “Pioneers”), and recruit others to become 85-3 Coalition Members.

The 85-3 Coalition Members are concerned professionals and organizations who aim to recognize real-world efforts towards making workplaces quieter, healthier, and more productive (see logos below). The 85-3 Pioneers are progressive companies, agencies, and nations that have adopted the 85-3 criterion for the noise exposure assessment of employees.

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